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Game, Set, Méduse

The sun is high in the sky, illuminating the way to the court. Heart rates are speeding up. Balls and rackets are in hand. It’s game time. 

While it started as a goof inspired by the fierce games of Roland Garros, competitiveness takes over our players… A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! 

Welcome to Méduse’s Spring-Summer 2019 campaign, a campaign that combines our passion and vibrant energy into a heated summer match. 

This collection is all about holidays and play; play in SUN, dance in MAMBO, jump in JUMPY. Rediscover our classic sandals and boots in new colours, from a fresh in-season melon to a deep, dark red, or fall in love with our new models, such as the JAPLAIR boot or the SUNMIF sandal, inspired by our classic SUN

As always, expertise and quality are central to our campaigns, and this year, we’re serving aces. 


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