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Moving to the beat with Méduse

To the rythm of the drums!

We’re heading straight to summer on a groovy, jazzy, funky soundtrack. We’ve got no rhythm in our blood, but who cares, we’re revisiting Michael Jackson. Solo in the street, alone in our home, we’re twirling, we’re moonwalking.

Our dance partner? You’ll never hit the wrong note with our summery bright green Méduse sandals, SUN in mousse or MAMBO in mousse, or one of each foot.

We’re welcoming the start of summer (it’s coming, it’s coming) with the 3rd episode of our campaign, Music Is The Answer. Find us on Instagram and Facebook to not miss a beat.

And if you’re off a beat, go back and watch episodes Un peu, beaucoup…Ou pas et Avant-goût d’été.

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