Méduse, a collection of sandals, boots, high boots and sneakers

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Oh, the mighty Méduse! It transcends generations, trends, lifestyles, and desires. For over 75 years, since the age of its iconic sandal, the SUN, it has proven just how fantastic, fun, and practical plastic can be.


Méduse embodies the success of a French brand that defies all preconceived notions about fashion. Revolving around a product at the crossroads of simplicity and innovation, Méduse has built a real success story!

The story begins in 1946, the year of the creation of the emblematic soft plastic beach sandal. Initially created under the name "La Saraizienne", it marked a turning point in the world of footwear in the aftermath of the Second World War. The emergence of plastic replaces scarce leather. This sandal, a star of the French coast, reveals a recognizable silhouette among all its rivals: a spiked sole, rounded toe, and woven straps. All of this on a body entirely made of injection-molded PVC, manufactured in a single piece; revolutionary!

The early 60s marked the liberation of women's fashion and a turning point in the history of style. The appearance of the mini-skirt, pantsuit, and pastel colors made way, as soon as the sunny days arrived, for the famous bikini à la Bardot or Twiggy. A revolutionary decade that firmly established the success of the famous plastic sandal, both at the beach and in the city.

The rise of PVC, breaking away from bourgeois norms, a society in transition—the SUN represents an entire era in itself.

Saved in the 2000s by the Humeau family, the timeless sandal, now known as Sun by the Méduse brand, remains true to its original design and manufacturing technique. A flagship of Made In France across the globe, it reinvents itself every year, adorned with new shades to shine on cobbled streets or the most popular beaches.

For over 75 years, the Méduse collection has continued to grow. With each trend and new season, new models are born to cater to the concerns of daily life, offering comfort and style for the whole family. Today, the brand has expanded to include low boots, high boots and sneakers alongside its famous sandals. The latest addition to the Méduse range is a textile collection featuring t-shirts and pullover.


A respectful production

Local and respectful production, the Humeau family has been committed to it for 5 generations.

Created and manufactured in the West of France, Méduse products are resolutely and historically “Made in France”. A brand of the Humeau-Beaupréau Group, Méduse scrupulously respects all of the specifications imposed by the latter.

Production sites have always remained close to the end consumer. The objective?
Respect the environment, focus on the concerns of its customers and reduce the ecological footprint as much as possible.

The choice of materials

The two key words for Meduse? Safety and harmlessness.

In fact, the brand strives, day after day, to respect the strictest European standards in terms of pollution and safety. A founding member of the INNOSHOE® Charter, the Humeau-Beaupréau Group is one of the industry's pioneers in terms of chemical controls and tests. As much on the products as on the suppliers or at the heart of the entire production and distribution cycle.

With this objective of transparency and respect for the environment, all Méduse products are made from phthalate-free and 100% recyclable plastics. To limit overconsumption, each pair offers an estimated lifespan of more than 15 years.

That's not all, Méduse, like all the brands of the Humeau-Beaupréau Group, is constantly listening to the advances made by suppliers in order to source the most respectful raw materials for the planet. Thus, hemp, used for Plasticana brand products, is making its appearance this year on the Sun, the brand's flagship model.


Often copied, never equaled!

The popularity and success of the Méduse® products have attracted the envy of numerous manufacturers, importers and retailers who have copied the original model down to its smallest details.

Groupe HB takes this very seriously and applies a very firm stance and a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeiting.

Beyond the Méduse brand, it is out of respect for intellectual property, our creations and the jobs of our employees that we are defending. It's also the interest of our distributors and our clients that we are defending.

We reserve the rights to seize and prosecute all counterfeit products, as we have already done with success on numerous occasions.

Méduse is a registered Trademark.
All mention of the term Méduse in relation to plastic sandals must systematically bear the ® symbol. It can only be used in relationship with products from the Méduse range and these products exclusively.



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