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Women sneakers Méduse

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By harmonizing tradition and innovation, Méduse injects a fresh energy into the fashion industry with its latest women's sneakers, recently designed to blend durability and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Sun Méduse sandal, these shoes represent the perfect alliance between traditional refinement and the celebration of French craftsmanship.

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Available on September - Reserve your pair today!

  • Available on September - Reserve your pair today!
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At Méduse, quality lies at the core of our commitment. Our women's sneakers are crafted from LWG-certified premium leather, ensuring environmentally friendly production and meeting stringent standards of durability and traceability.

Rooted in our French heritage, all our sneakers are made in our local workshops, where artisanal craftsmanship blends seamlessly with a passion for fashion. By choosing our products, you not only support the local economy but also contribute to preserving French artisanal traditions.

Inspired by the renowned Sun Méduse sandal, known for its clean design and unparalleled comfort, our women's sneakers elegantly feature the characteristic PVC side appliqué of the sandal, successfully reimagined on our sneakers in a stunning blend of khaki and navy, bringing a touch of freshness.

With a modern silhouette and a range of trendy colors, our women's sneakers embody the perfect balance between style and comfort. The supple leather naturally conforms to the shape of the foot, while the lightweight sole provides optimal cushioning for a sense of well-being throughout the day.

Made in : France
Material : Leather
Sizes : 36 to 41
Seasons : Autumn/Winter
Ideal for : sunny days


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